Football clubs from a number of the world’s most gorgeous cities

Read further to discover a few of the most picturesque international cities with well-known football teams.

Soccer and beautiful cities are not always things you would connect with one another, but the reality is that there are soccer teams that are based in a number of the world’s most gorgeous destinations. This is unquestionably the case when it comes to a team with links to a famed Dutch club but founded and located in spectacular South Africa. The Ajax Cape Town owner most definitely understands that his club is lucky to be from such a incredible city. Perceived as the most beautiful city in Africa and one of the most beautiful cities all over the world, Cape Town is certainly a sight for sore eyes. The mountain, the ocean, the natural beauty and even the people are all truly eye-catching. Even the food and wine are delicious and more importantly, inexpensive! While the soccer squad isn’t exactly renowned on the international stage, it does have a very proud history and is privileged to be based in one of the truly breathtaking cities on the planet.

There are a good number of football clubs playing the beautiful game all over the world. Having said that, not all of them are playing in the world’s most exquisite cities. There are countless clubs that do actually play in some of the world's most magnificent cities. When it comes to Italy, one of the most visited countries in the world, pretty much all of its clubs are based in beautiful locations. This is due to the fact the country at large is so lovely. The new AC Milan owner is proud to have the team connected with such a gorgeous city. The Italian city is well known for its visually-appealing architecture and for being the fashion capital of Italy. There is practically beauty to be found on every corner of the city. Situated in the spectacular northern part of the country, Milan is a city that is proud not only of its strong footballing heritage but also for being extremely stunning.

A number of the best football clubs in the world also happen to be from several of the most gorgeous cities on earth. This is most definitely accurate when it comes to that very successful Spanish side. FC Barcelona and its president absolutely love being based in one of the most spectacular cities on the world map. Sure, the very successful club is a big tourism draw, but the city itself happens to be an extraordinarily fashionable tourist destination. Famous for its coastal location and colourful architecture, the Catalonian city constantly appears on lists of cities a man or woman needs to go to. The food, the culture, the people and even its sunsets are a few of the most impressive of anywhere around the world. It’s no wonder the club is so motivated when it comes from such an inspiring city.

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